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The History of the Ohio Bible Fellowship

The Ohio Bible Fellowship was formed on January 12th, 1968. This collection of Pastors and their churches left the Independent Fundamental Churches of America because of the IFCA’s drift into new evangelicalism. The Preamble of the Ohio Bible Fellowship Constitution states that it is a Bible separatist organization* which warns against the dangers of mediating positions and has a ministry of warning for the protection of the churches (II Corinthians 6:14, 17; Romans 16:17; Ephesians 5:11; II Timothy 4:2). Their positions are based on the HOLINESS of God which is the root of all of God’s moral attributes (Leviticus 20:26; II Peter 1:15, 16). They believe that church history demonstrates that churches, schools and biblical movements tend to drift from their founding principles over time, and they strive not to do this, but to remain “true” to God. Their publication is the Ohio Bible Fellowship Visitor.

(*For those unfamiliar with biblical Christianity the term “separatist” here refers to separation from UNBELIEF and APOSTASY. It has nothing to do with race. God is not a “respecter of persons” and neither are we, all are welcome who recognize the holiness of God and worship Him accordingly)

The Independent Nature of the Ohio Bible Fellowship

The Purposes of the Ohio Bible Fellowship

Doctrinal Statement