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Resolution on Moral Purity

In that one of the purposes of the Ohio Bible Fellowship is “warning of contemporary dangers so the church is informed, aware, and equipped to minister” (Eph. 5:11; Titus 1:9; Jude 3) (adopted at the fall conference of the Ohio Bible Fellowship, October 18, 2013.) Therefore since:

• God has created us male and female (Gen. 1:27; Matt. 19:4); and there is a prevailing teaching that there are more than these two distinct sexes:

• God has established and ordained marriage between one woman and one man (Gen. 2:24; Matt. 19:4-5; Heb. 13:4):

• God has revealed that all sexual relationships outside of marriage are sin (Heb. 13:4), and since it has become commonplace in our society for couples to live together before, or without, marriage, and many other sexual relationships are being accepted in our society that are outside God’s ordained marriage of one man and one woman (Matt. 19:4-6);

Therefore we, the members and delegates of the Ohio Bible Fellowship, meeting in the Fall Conference, Oct 14-15, 2022, at Morrow Bible Church, Centerburg, Ohio, resolve to warn our fundamental brethren of the dangers of these sinful practices that are affecting our present society; Therefore we resolve that:

• It is imperative to teach the biblical distinction, that there are only two sexes, male and female, and to warn against all other narratives;

• It is imperative to teach the biblical directive that marriage is only to be between one man and one woman and to warn against any other alternative.

• It is imperative to teach God’s ordained created purposes for sex within marriage (Ecc. 9:9; Mal. 2:15; Heb. 13:4); and to warn that all other alternatives are sinful and bring about the judgment of God (Heb. 13:4).