Our Last Storm of the Week

…at least that’s what they tell us! We’re ready for some drier weather! We are already enjoying cooler temperatures, thankful to have gone from 89* this afternoon to 72* by supper time.

We’re always watching the radar when campers are here and this afternoon we noticed a big storm moving in around 3:30. We changed plans and moved all the kids up to Ashbrook Hall. While they were inside playing a game with Mr. V’s Air Cannon, the storm blew through with a fury.With all the enthusiasm junior campers can muster, they were somewhat oblivious to what was happening outdoors. The lights flickered a couple times, setting off the alarms, and the crash of thunder nearby was a bit unsettling, but we were thankful that all the campers were safe under one roof.

The storm moved in quickly and the winds picked up, whipping the rain across the lake. Total rainfall this afternoon was under an inch, but raised the level of the lake to  a very high level.

Skies have cleared and the rain waters are receding from the paths and roads. The campers are playing in Ashbrook Hall now and will soon head to the camp store and on to chapel. Continue to pray for the Lord’s working in the lives of our campers this week.

Thank you for praying for us here at camp this week. We are thankful for the Lord’s protection and guidance each and every day.







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