News from the VanderSchels – April 2014

10005815_10201616116784843_1704177550_oWhat we’ve been up to…

SNOW, SNOW, cold, and MORE SNOW… that about sums up our winter here at camp!
Although the sparkling snow sure is beautiful and truly a testament of God’s beauty and goodness, we’re grateful that spring has officially sprung. The blustery months of winter, however, didn’t seem to slow us down one bit. Izaac and the kids all finished up their basketball seasons, and Kim had the opportunity to host the first craft retreat here at camp. Ashlyn and Brenna turned 14 on January 7th! Izaac and Kim traveled to Camp Calvary in PA for the Tweakage camp conference in January, and then we hosted quite a few rental groups here at Peniel. Work has continued on our new house, and it’s been so exciting to watch the progress. We recently hit the road for another round of camp promotions and have been traveling on most weekends. We continue to pray that the Lord will bring in the remainder of the monthly financial support needed for us to reach 100%. We’re so grateful for our supporting churches and families. Thank you for your prayers and your encouragement as we seek to serve the Lord in the ministry of Peniel Bible Camp.

1529836_10203254853517547_2065639569_oThis winter the cold temperatures gave the lake a layer of ice about 8 inches thick. The kids had a great time ice skating for the first time at camp!


Ashlyn and Brenna- 14th’birthday

1622777_10151879310521396_1015207679_nCarson (middle)- basketball champ!

 A fun opportunity…

Camp Peniel had the privilege of hosting the Wilds ministry team (NC) for two weeks in March as they visited churches and schools in OH. The 6 team members appreciated being able to sleep in the same beds for an extended period of time, and we appreciated their help with some projects around camp on their days off. They were such a blessing to our family, and we enjoyed getting to share some really fun activities with them—the Columbus Crew season opener, dinner at the Buckeye Express, an ice cream party, and a game night. We’re grateful to be able to partner with other ministries around the country that also seek to reach youth, families, and adults in Gospel work through the unique setting of camp.

1236741_696485167059537_1342580117_nThe WILDS team at the Columbus Crew game. These southern folk were CHILLY!!

Happenings on Camp…

Building a house, clearing trees for a future paintball course, renovating the lakefront cabins, making purchases for the camp store, planning for the summer theme… LOTS happening as we look forward to this upcoming camping season! Several weeks ago, we were blessed once again to have a work team from Beth Haven Baptist Church (SC) spend a week at Peniel. The team, along with several other hardworking volunteers, hung over 200 sheets of drywall in the new house. Lord willing, we’ll be able to move into the house this coming fall. Please check out our Facebook page and camp website for pictures and more details about the building project. We’re praying that the Lord, even now, will prepare the hearts of all of our campers and staff this summer. Would you prayerfully consider serving with us? “What a joy meeting God FACE TO FACE, here at Camp Peniel.”

1899922_692971720744215_1776724432_n200 sheets of drywall hung with thousands of screws, porch ceiling finished, basement framed,kitchen cabinets installed, and 13 meals devoured!

peniel-construction orangeVanderSchel Apr 2014 newsletter

Schedule of Meetings:

April 4- Wayside Christian School
April 6-7- Beth Haven Baptist Church, Simpsonville, SC/ BJU
April 13- Marion Baptist
April 19/26- Camp Clean-up
April 22- Mentor Christian School
April 29- Heritage Christian School
May 2-3- Father/Son Retreat
May 4- Calvary Bible (Lima)
May 18- Cambridge Bible
May 25- Falls Berean
May 26- Memorial Day Celebration


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