Program Director House

We are excited to see the finishing touches on the Peniel Bible Camp Program Director’s house.

Final outside work.

58 Porch


51 moving in

50 Finishing touches

49 appliances

Kitchen in place.

48 kitchen

A/C in time for summer.

47 AC

Here comes the carpet. 

46 carpeting

Finishing touches and preparations for carpet

45 beam & carpet prep

Additional progress inside and out

43 railings doors

44 grading

Work continues

42 counters toilets railings

Work Week March 9-13, 2015

41 Work Week Saturday

40 Work Week Friday

39 Work Week Thursday

38 Work Week Thursday

37 Work Week Wednesday

36 Work Week Tuesday

35 Work Week Monday

Interior painting continues.

34 painting

Inside taking shape.

33 water tank interior doors

Walls and floor.

32 paint & tile

Installing the furnace.

31 furnace

Completing the chimney.

30 chimney

Drywall completed.

29 drywall

Utility connections done.

28 sewer

Much of the work was suspended during summer camps, but some things did get done.

27 burying electric

So much done during Work Week March 10-15 …

25 Work Week Friday

24 Work Week Thursday

22 Work Week Tuesday

Work week 2014

Getting the insides ready for drywall installation

21 Insulated

20 behind the walls

More getting the insides ready for drywall installation

19 plumbing

Heating and insulation… quite appropriate for a cold day…

18 insulation ducts

Electrical work being done…

17 Electric

The Siding is going on…

16 siding 2

15 siding

Here are the plans!

Elevations Basement Plan

2nd Floor1st FloorGreat progress during Work Week, November 11-16, 2013!
After work week

Topping it off. 

14 Work Week Saturday

It is looking like a house!

13 Work Week Friday

Roof and walls. 

12 Work Week Thursday

Second floor and starting on the roof!

11 Work Week Wednesday

10 Work Week Tuesday

Great progress on the first floor and moving on to the second!

09 Work Week Monday

The basement floor is in!

08 basement floor

The walls are going up…

07 first walls

First floor is taking shape with basement floor ready for concrete.

06 first floor

A good crew helps with the pouring of the basement walls!

05 pouring walls

The basement walls are being formed

04 basement walls

The footers are in place.

03 footers

The start.

2 ground breaking


1 Site Prep

Below are two drawings showing what the new house might look like.

Vanderschels House-View A Vanderschels House-View B

VanderSchels on Site

The VanderSchels on the site of their new house.

OBM on Site

Izaac VanderSchel and Nathan Fry show the proposed site to the Ohio Bible Mission board.


Camp Map 2013

Can you find the new site on the map?