Much Accomplished by the Work Teams April 8-13, 2019

We are so grateful for the hard workers and their willingness to serve the Lord and the ministry of Peniel Bible Camp the week of April 8-13! Besides our own Peniel staff, we had representatives from Community Baptist Church in Sc, Waterman Baptist Church in IN, Grace Church of Mentor, Greencastle Bible Church, Morrow Bible Church, Westerville Bible Church, and our very long-distance travelers — a father/son roofing duo from South Dakota!

These volunteers put a new roof on Ashbrook Hall, resurfaced the walls/ceiling in Snack Shop and finished the back storage room, renovated the interior of the Rec Hall with new lighting, insulation, interior wood siding, and vinyl windows, spread new stone on the Race Track, and finished the decking on the new dock.

To see the complete album of pictures, click here.

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VanderSchel Newsletter: 2018 in Review

For a printable copy, click here.

2 0 1 8  i n  r e v i e w
P e n i e l  B i b l e  C a m p – O h i o  B i b l e  M i s s i o n

The VanderSchels    We’re thanking the Lord for the many blessings of this past year. 2018 was a year of change in our family, but we were reminded often of the fact that we serve an unchanging God. May we continue to rejoice in all things, knowing our God is in control.

January— We hosted two winter retreats at camp did one camp presentation in our home
church of Westerville Bible, celebrated Ashlyn’s and Brenna’s 18th birthday, Izaac officiated high school basketball, and Carson played basketball for Northside Christian.

February— Two more camp presentations at Greencastle and Fayette, Izaac and Carson both finished up their basketball seasons, Kim and the girls celebrated birthdays and graduation with a cruise vacation, Kim and Izaac attended Tweakage (camp conference) at High Point camp in PA, and Izaac served on the tournament committee for the BCSO basketball tournament.

March— We hosted two retreats at camp (as well as a work team from SC), presented the camp ministry at Bible Community and Calvary (Lima), Kim and Izaac served as judges for the BCSO fine arts competition in Cleveland, Kim began her home-based business as a health coach, and Izaac traveled to IN to be on the AACS accreditation team for a Christian
school there.

April— We enjoyed our last spring break family vacation together in Charleston, SC,
helped with two camp clean-up days here at Peniel, traveled for camp presentations in three different states (SC, OH, MI), Izaac and Kim flew to CA for a camp conference at Ironwood, and we kicked off our own camping season with Men and Boys’ Retreat.

May— All three kids had a blast performing in NCS’s Beauty and the Beast, we
hosted a young adult retreat, presented the ministry of Peniel to one last Ohio church for the season, facilitated another work team from SC, and celebrated Ashlyn’s and Brenna’s high school graduation with lots of family and friends.

June— Our camping season kicked off with full-week camps, (both rentals and our OBF camps), Kim and the girls headed to BJU for summer orientation, and Izaac and Kim celebrated their 22nd anniversary.

July— Ashlyn and Brenna counseled and attended several weeks of camp, Carson attended teen camp, Kim and Izaac served on staff all summer for our super hero-themed program, and we were honored to watch God do some exciting things.

August— We celebrated Carson’s 15th birthday, enjoyed some last family outings together (Broadway show, Cedar Point, Indians game) before the girls headed for college, full-week camp rentals and small retreats continued, Carson started 10th grade , he and Izaac jumped right into their soccer seasons, and we packed up the girls and took them to SC to get settled in for their freshman year .

September— Adjusted to life with just one kid in the house, did lots of running different directions for both Izaac’s and Carson’s soccer seasons, and hosted our men’s and women’s retreats here at camp.

October— Our final fall retreat of the season was enjoyed by many couples, Kim headed to SC to visit the girls for Homecoming Weekend, we hosted a school FACE camp (outdoor ed) and our young adult retreat, work began on the new dock at Peniel, we rejoiced at God’s perfect timing with the sale of our home in WCH, and we ended the month with Kim and Izaac serving on the tournament committee for the BCSO soccer and volleyball tournaments.

November— Kim and Izaac attended a gift show in TN for the camp store, Izaac had the opportunity to travel to Romania on a construction mission team, Carson headed to BJU with his high school for a fine arts competition, and we enjoyed having the girls home from college for a week while we celebrated Thanksgiving with family in MI.

December— Ashlyn and Brenna took college finals and finished their first semester,  Carson and Izaac both started their basketball seasons (Izaac’s 15th season to officiate basketball), we enjoyed lots of fun family time and celebrated a couple different Christmas events with family and friends.

We’re so grateful for the prayers and financial support of God’s people. May He continue to find us faithful to the work in which He has called us in 2019.

[Deut. 31:8 – “It is the Lord who goes before us.”]

– the V’s

For a printable copy, click here.

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Fall Retreats 2018

Three adult retreats were held on three separate weekends in September and October. Those who attended were glad they took time out of their busy schedules to get away at Peniel Bible Camp for a time of refreshing. Campers enjoyed the fellowship with others from their own churches as well as the opportunity to meet new people. Special speakers were secured to speak on topics of interest to the groups. Campers also enjoyed a number of activities on the camp grounds.  

Make your plans to attend a retreat at Peniel in 2019:

  • Men & Boys’ Retreat – April 26 & 27 with Pastor Steve Brown
  • Ladies’ Weekend – September 13 & 14 with Mrs. Rebecca Brock
  • Men’s Weekend – September 20 & 21 with Pastor Steve Brown
  • Couples’ Retreat – October 4 & 5
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Pastors’ Conference at Peniel

Sixteen pastors congregated at Peniel July 30th for their 3-day retreat. This conference, previously held in late June, was moved to the end of the summer camping season. Rather than enduring the hot June weather, the men enjoyed some unseasonably cool weather with occasional rain. While there weren’t as many outdoor activities, the men thoroughly enjoyed their time spent with others in the ministry.

Dr. Larry Oats from Maranatha Baptist University was the featured speaker. During the morning sessions, he taught through his book, The Church of the Fundamentalist: An Examination of Ecclesiastical Separation in the Twentieth Century. 

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Teen 2 Camp 2018

Our 4th week of youth camp, July 23-28, was for teens who have already completed the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. This year 23 of our 68 campers had already graduated from high school and will soon be heading off to college.

Our speaker dealt with many topics that face our teens today and the campers listened to the Word and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. Pray for those who made decisions – that they will follow through as they are back at home and soon back at school.

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Young Teens at Peniel

We had a wonderful week of camp last week with our 71 young teens who have completed grades 7, 8, and 9. Our speaker challenged the teens in many areas and a number of good decisions were made. Pray for these campers as they seek to follow through on godly decisions made at camp.

We are thankful for a safe camping season with only minor bumps and scratches and itchy mosquito bites. Continue to pray for safety for the campers at Peniel throughout the rest of the summer.

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Second week of Junior Camp

A second week of Junior Camp for young people who have completed grades 3-6 was held on July 9-14. There were 59 campers who enjoyed a week of fun games, great food, meeting new friends, and time spent learning more about God. Evangelist Gary Bill was the speaker and the campers enjoyed his chalk talks. We are thankful for a number of good spiritual decisions made during the week, including several salvation decisions.


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First 2 Camps of 2018 Summer Camping Season

We are getting ready for our 3rd week of the summer camping program here at Peniel. There’s a lot of action around camp at this time of the year and the days seems to fly by.

We began the season on June 25th with a week of Junior Camp. We enjoyed the 56 third through 6th grade campers the Lord sent to us. The campers ate well, played hard, listened intently, and enjoyed their week of camp. Praise the Lord with us for several who made a profession of salvation during the week and for others who made significant spiritual decisions. Pray for these young lives as they continue on in the things they learned from God’s Word at camp this summer.

Last week (July 2-7) 100 campers of all ages enjoyed a week of camp as families. Three meals a day, 2 chapel services with children’s classes in the morning, and plenty of optional activities provides a schedule that allows families to be as active as they wish to be during their vacation at Peniel. Some chose to spend the week relaxing while others tried to get in as many activities as possible.

Continue to pray for us as we minister to 60 junior campers this week.

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One-Day Staff Training Camp

Twelve new and returning staff members took time from their busy schedules to spend a Saturday at camp. Cooks, Counselors, and Custodians learned more about our camp and how things are run. They learned the ins-and-outs of  camp to help prepare them for ministry at camp this summer. Everyone enjoyed Hannah’s steak dinner that completed the day of training.

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Memorial Day Celebration 2018

On May 28, 2018 about 200 people congregated at Peniel Bible Camp for the annual Memorial Day Celebration. Pastor Gordon Dickson was the speaker for the morning chapel with special music provided by an ensemble from Morrow Bible Church and a brass trio from Greencastle Bible Church.

The goal for this year’s offering is $10,000 to completely replace the swimming dock. A total of $5,800 has been received to date. The dock replacement is scheduled to happen in the fall.

After hamburgers, hot dogs, and assorted side dishes and desserts in Ashbrook Hall, folks moved outdoors to enjoy the very warm weather after a long, cold winter. Folks were seen fishing, boating, swimming, riding the tractor train, playing Foot Golf, enjoying the new “swing set”, running or walking a 5K race around the campgrounds, tasting new treats in the Snack Shop, shooting guns, sitting in the shade, and shopping in the Camp Store.

It was a beautiful day for a picnic!

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