1970 – First Year at the Property in Morrow County

These pictures were found in a scrapbook that Maud Green kept of her years of service at Peniel Bible Camp. These snapshots were from 1970, the first year that camp was held at the new property in Morrow County outside Chesterville.

1970  bellMrs. Lucille Harper, one of the cooks, rings the camp bell.

1970 kitchen 2Food prep being done in the dish room in the old Dining Hall

1970 kitchen crewCooks preparing to serve the campers in the old kitchen

1970 kitchenMaud Green washing dishes in what is now the Camp Bookstore

1970 Olden Hall insideCleaning up the octagon

1970 cookoutPreparing for a cookout outside of the Dining Hall, currently known as Olden’ Hall

1970 staff houseThis is the old house along the beach where the staff was housed (before construction of Martha’s Manor). The trees are still there but the house was torn down. Ashbrook Hall was later built a little further up the hill.

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