Ohio Bible Mission

The Ohio Bible Mission

Establishing Independent Bible Churches in Ohio
Our Aim: A Bible Church in Every County

Our Aim
A fundamental Bible church in every Ohio county.

Our Camp:
Peniel Bible Camp is owned and maintained by the OBM.  The churches of the Ohio Bible Fellowship operate a full schedule of summer camps and fall retreats.  Other like-minded ministries rent the camp from time to time.

Our Opportunity:
Those who would be interested in helping to establish an independent fundamental Bible church in your area of Ohio are encouraged to contact us at mission@obf.netOur newest church is Eastside Community Bible Church in Milford, Ohio.

Our Affiliation:
The Ohio Bible Mission and its board members are all members of the Ohio Bible Fellowship.

Our Board of Directors: left to right

  • Mr. Ken Perry
  • Rev. Paul Hamilton
  • Rev. Stephen Howard
  • Rev. Dan Greenfield
  • Rev. George Bailey
  • Rev. David Layton
  • Rev. Marvin Gassman 

Our Address:
Ohio Bible Mission
103 Parkview Ave
Westerville, OH 43081