May 2014 OBF Missionaries Update

Here are a few items for prayer from missionaries who are members of the Ohio Bible Fellowship–

  • Pray for a church discipline situation that hasn’t been going very well.
  • Pray for Goldfuss family as they are taking an almost 3-month trip to the States this summer to visit some churches and take our oldest son, Mikey, to BJ.
  • Pray for three individuals I am discipling on a week-to-week basis: Yute, Khame, Run
  • Pray for the beginning of a Saturday night 15-week class covering Genesis 1-3 that we are starting with a church here in Battambang town on May 10

Tom Zartman

  • Pray for the salvation of a young couple.
  • Pray for the Lord’s working in the spiritual, financial, and physical needs of a family.