Conclusion: A Bird’s-Eye Tour of the Bible

I have tried to give you a bird’s-eye tour of the Bible. I hope you see that it has been more than a book review. I have sought to show you that the great theme of the Bible is the perfect salvation which God has provided for man through Jesus Christ who came into this world in human flesh to be the lamb of God who would die for our sins. I hope you see that truth. However, just seeing the truth will not save you. You need to make a life changing decision.

An insurance salesman coming into your home would try to show you that you needed insurance. Then he would seek to persuade you that he had the policy you needed. However, if you were convinced of both things you still would not be insured. Knowledge alone will not insure you. Likewise, knowledge alone will not save you.

God has made provision so that your sins can be forgiven, your life can be changed, and your soul can be delivered from hell. You can have a sure hope of heaven. How can you appropriate for yourself what God has provided? When the Bible talks about becoming a Christian, it uses one of two concepts. Look at the words of John 1:12:

  • But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.

The first concept here is the picture of receiving Christ. If I were to knock on your door and ask to enter your home you would have a choice as to whether or not to recieve me. Receiving me would be as simple as saying, “Yes, I would like you to come in.” Receiving Christ is quite similar. If you are convinced that you are a lost sinner; if you are ready to repent of that sin; if you realize that Christ died for you; then you are ready to say with an honest heart, “Lord Jesus, come into my heart and save my soul.” These are not magic words. Rather, they are an eternal, legal transaction with the Savior who died for your sin.

The second concept in John 1:12 is the idea of believing on Jesus Christ. In our culture we use the word “believe” in a light way. If you ask almost anyone whether they believe in Jesus Christ they will give a positive reply; yet it is obvious that most are not saved. What is the difference?

I hesitate to use the following illustration. Since I first heard the story I have heard differing versions, and I am not sure of its accuracy. Whether or not the incident is perfectly accurate, the truth it teaches is. Charles Blondin was once the greatest tightwire artist in the world. A plaque down the river from Niagara Falls memorializes his feat of crossing the gorge with his manager on his back. One morning he was performing in London. His wire was stretched between two tall buildings. It had been announced that he would cook breakfast on the wire. At the appointed time he appeared with a small wheelbarrow. Wheeling it to the center of the wire he suspended it, lighted a kerosene stove, fried an egg and made coffee. When he had finished he put his dishes in the wheelbarrow and proceeded to the other building. It seemed as if all the boys in London were assembled there to talk to him. Picking out their spokesman Blondin asked if he had been afraid when the artist was out on the wire. The boy assured him that he had not been afraid. He never doubted the acrobat’s ability. Blondin pushed the conversation further by asking if the boy believed he could put a man in his wheelbarrow and take him to the other side. The boy replied that he believed that and would not be afraid to see it done. Then, Blondin challenged the small talker by saying, “Get in my wheelbarrow and I will take you over.” At that point the confident boy disappeared as if he evaporated. He believed -or so he thought -but he was not about to try it. Saving faith is more than saying, “I believe.” It is putting yourself in Christ’s wheelbarrow and trusting him to forgive your sin, to change your life and to get you safely all the way from earth to glory.

I have said little in this booklet about repentance. It is not the way of salvation, but it is something necessary to it. God does not save sinners who wish to continue in their sin. God saves men and women who are sick of their sin and want to be delivered from it. You will not be saved until you recognize your sin, admit it, and desire God’s deliverance from it with all of your heart.

Friend, if you desire that deliverance with all of your heart, find a quiet place and pour out your soul to God. Confess to Him that you are a lost sinner and are sick of your sin. Tell Him that you realize that Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty for you. Ask Him to save your soul. Trust Him with all your heart. If you do so you will have all eternity to be thankful.