A Bird’s-Eye Tour of the Bible

Take a guided walk from Genesis through Revelation

By Pastor John E. Ashbrook

I heard of a fellow who took time to read the phone book from cover to cover. Putting it down he said, “It has a great cast but the plot is very weak.”

The average person in our society thinks that way about the Bible. Either he has never read it, or he has read it in such an irregular way that he has failed to see what ties it together. Having followed either course, he comes to the conclusion that the Bible has no plot and that no one could ever understand it.

In this booklet I would like to give you a bird’s-eye tour of the Bible. If you will take time to read to the end I believe that you will understand what the Bible is all about. You will see that you can know that you will not be in hell but will be safe in heaven at last. It is my hope that, when you understand these things, you will chose to make a life-changing decision.

As you read these lines, it would be a great help if you would get your Bible. Look up the verses I quote, and make sure I am honestly putting them in context and giving you what the Bible says, not merely what I think. All my quotations are from the King James Version, the oldest English translation in common use. You may follow in some other translation. I think you will see that the slightly different words are saying the same thing.

We will organize our thoughts by dividing the Bible into its commonly recognized divisions: The Law, Old Testament History, Poetry, Old Testament Prophets, The Gospels, New Testament History, The Epistles, and New Testament Prophecy.

Please read these sections in order so that you have a complete understanding of this tour of the Bible. The sections are broken down here into links to load faster on your computer!