Eastside Community Bible Church March 2014 Update

ecbc-logo-11The advent of (slightly) warmer weather signals the opening of increased opportunities to be out and about interacting in the community. Eastside Community Bible Church is looking forward to using the space God provided as a base of operations for reaching the east side of Cincinnati with the truth of God’s Word. The following summarize some things what we have been able to do and some things that lie ahead.


The inspector passed us on our final inspection yesterday. We will acquire our occupancy permit in the next day or two. By the end of this week, the walls should be painted and the space ready for the finish flooring next week. A week from this coming Sunday we plan to hold our first service in the new space. There will still be a decent amount of finishing touches and some refurbishing that needs done, but the building will be fit to occupy. We are thankful for the sacrificial labor of those in the church to accomplish everything from prepping the floors to wiring to finishing drywall! (Click here for pictures.)


As we work on the space, the Lord continues to open doors of opportunity. One of our ladies began a Bible study with a couple ladies from the community this Saturday. The Lord gave much grace and they plan to meet again. The inspector already knew about our church because he is looking for a place that deals in truth, not the hottest fads of “Christian” bands. So far, we’ve talked probably 15 minutes about the building and an hour and a half about theology! That’s how I like inspections to go! In the Ephesians series, we are getting to the challenging section on Spirit-filled relationships. God continues to use His Word to encourage and edify at just the right time.

Some things to pray about

  • Pray that we will succeed in getting into the building by March 30
  • Pray that we will be able to use Easter weekend as an opportunity for inviting folks in the community
  • Pray for grace to handle the multiple fronts of normal pastoral ministry, overseeing the building, and the continued adjustments with a new baby
  • Pray that God will work in J.C.’s (the inspector) heart regarding direction for a church


Lauren is doing well adjusting to life. So far, her sisters have not smothered her with affection, although it has been close at times! Katie also is doing well and able to get an increasing amount of rest. We are thankful for the Lord’s watch care over Katie and Lauren during these days of transition.