Eastside Community Bible Church December 2014 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission, working to establish Eastside Community Bible Church in the Cincinnati area–

  • Praise the Lord for a good Christmas program. We had four guests and it was a good opportunity for our church to work together.
  • Pray that the flyers that went out will pique peoples’ interest in the church.
  • Thankful for some Bible study and counseling opportunities. People are finding us via the website.
  • Pray for the continued spiritual growth of our people and increased understanding of the Word of God.
  • All three girls and Katie were sick in succession over the course of the last two weeks. Thankful for their recovery.
  • Praise the Lord for a young man that has begun attending. He recently has come back to following the Lord.
  • Pray for another young man from UC who comes regularly but is unsaved.
  • Pray for continued boldness to proclaim Christ to those with whom we interact.

Thank you for praying. God continues to do great things here for His glory.