Eastside Community Bible Church April 2014 Update

Here is this month’s update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission–

Answers to Prayer

Looking through my prayer list this morning afforded a great opportunity to rejoice in multiple answers to prayer. The past two months were filled with constant activity and adjustment as the church transitioned to the new space and our family realigned to life with three children. A brief pause and glance back highlighted God’s grace and goodness.

  • God supplied a space for ECBC to use 24/7
  • God sent gifted people to ECBC to complete the finish work
  • God enabled us to finish 2,500 sq. ft. for less than $7,000
  • God granted a spirit of unity as we worked through decisions
  • God gave us favor with county officials
  • God continues to sustain Lauren’s normal, healthy development (including 5+ hours of sleep every night – which sustains mommy and daddy’s sanity!)


Getting close!

Getting close!


Finished with folding chairs

First Sunday

First Sunday

With the new chairs

With the new chairs

Warmer weather = Opportunities

Living in SC for 15 years (and 34 for Katie), you get used to a brief winter and spring and summer running together – for a long time! This winter the frigid fronts of the North reminded us of the joy of spring. And we are rejoicing in the 60-70 degree days! The warmer weather also opens the door for getting out and making new contacts. Parks are crowded and trails busy. We have 5,000 door hangers on their way, new business/invitation cards, t-shirts, car magnets, and lots of opportunities to talk to people! Pray that God will continue leading us to people hungry for the truth and longing for the satisfaction that comes in Christ alone. Pray that we will be bold in the power of the gospel and compassionate for those heading to eternity apart from Christ. We are particularly burdened for the neighbors on either side of us and our landlord. God continues to open doors of opportunity to speak for Him. Pray that He will open their hearts to what Christ has done for them.

2014 dh front resized2014 dh back resized

Refining our message

Outreach happens through the week as each member of ECBC takes the gospel of Jesus Christ into the everyday responsibilities of life. The church exists to edify believers and worship the God Who saved us through Jesus Christ. As a church plant, keeping the balance of wanting folks to come to church and maintaining what the church is for can be challenging. Our desire is to see many come into the church because they have accepted Christ as their Savior and desire to obediently follow Him and participate in the building of His body. At the same time, we recognize that there are many people who believe in Christ, but have not found a church that consistently nourishes believers through the committed proclamation of God’s Word. This year, our publicity material describes what we do at church: “Delivering God’s Truth to God’s People by Unfolding God’s Word.” We pray that God will use this to strike a cord in the hearts of those looking for a place that seeks to be the “pillar and buttress of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15). At the same time, we are striving by God’s grace to carry out our 2014 theme – “Inviting People to Christ.” Pray that we will continue to be effective on both fronts.

Invitation Card


Everyone seems to be doing very well as Spring arrives. Emmaline and Gracyn enjoy playing outside hours on end. Lauren really likes daddy’s attention as evidenced by the huge grins. Katie continues to do an exceptional job managing the wife/mom/teacher/pastor’s wife roles. We are thankful to have been spared any major illness this winter.

three girls

As always, your prayers are much coveted. Along with continued outreach, we need to be faithful in shepherding the flock that God has assembled so far. Daily wisdom, diligence, compassion, and endurance are necessary to fulfill the calling given by the Great Shepherd of our souls.

Thank you for partnering with us for the sake of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.