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Eastside Community Bible Church March 2015 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission, working to establish Eastside Community Bible Church in the Cincinnati area–

  • We’ve had several inquiries and visits the past couple weeks. That always is encouraging!
  • The Lord is opening opportunities for significant discipleship with several people.
  • We are preparing a direct mailing in the next week or so. Please pray for the details to come together smoothly.
  • Our series in Matthew has given ample opportunities for clear gospel presentations and some lost people have been hearing these.
  • The warmer weather provides more time to get out in the community with people as well as distribute information about the church. Pray for faithfulness in all these opportunities.
  • The Lord answered a huge prayer request and provided our family with a minivan. We are very thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate to our girls that God does indeed answer prayer—including their prayers!
  • We need strength and wisdom as we prepare for a three day Bible Club (June 24-26) and the outreach at the fair (end of July) this summer
  • Very thankful for the weekly opportunity to disciple Quintin, the Realtor who sold us our house. It is amazing to see God open his eyes each week to the truth. Pray that he will choose to lead his family to our church so they all can be fed each week!
  • Please pray for Thomas, a UC student the Father seems to be drawing to Himself. I have had numerous opportunities to give him straightforward gospel presentations.
  • The next few weeks will be very busy as Katie is coordinating the wedding for Brittni Gordon (and Brett Stowe). Brittni is Phil and Lori’s oldest daughter. Pray for grace and strength and a Christ-honoring ceremony.

Thank you for your prayers and support! God continues to work in our lives as we seek to faithfully discharge the responsibilities He entrusts to us. We look forward to enjoying fellowship with many of you in April!

Eastside Community Bible Church December 2014 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission, working to establish Eastside Community Bible Church in the Cincinnati area–

  • Praise the Lord for a good Christmas program. We had four guests and it was a good opportunity for our church to work together.
  • Pray that the flyers that went out will pique peoples’ interest in the church.
  • Thankful for some Bible study and counseling opportunities. People are finding us via the website.
  • Pray for the continued spiritual growth of our people and increased understanding of the Word of God.
  • All three girls and Katie were sick in succession over the course of the last two weeks. Thankful for their recovery.
  • Praise the Lord for a young man that has begun attending. He recently has come back to following the Lord.
  • Pray for another young man from UC who comes regularly but is unsaved.
  • Pray for continued boldness to proclaim Christ to those with whom we interact.

Thank you for praying. God continues to do great things here for His glory.

Eastside Community Bible Church November 2014 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission, working to establish Eastside Community Bible Church in the Cincinnati area–

  • We are thankful for a handful of contacts made through the coffee outreach on Mondays. We are getting some regulars.
  • The Lord has given us the opportunity to minister each week to a young man who is unsaved. Pray that he will find healing in Christ.
  • Pray for our Monday evening Bible Study. We are meeting with a couple men who know the Lord, but have a growing appetite for Scripture (they attend a Christian church in the area).
  • Pray for our Christmas program/outreach on December 14.
  • We are thankful for good health heading into the holiday season. We will be hosting several people, including family, for Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We still stand amazed at the privilege to preach the Word and serve the Lord here in Cincinnati!

Eastside Community Bible Church September 2014 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission–

  • Pray for the final planning and logistics for our coffee outreach beginning in October. We will be offering free coffee on Mondays from 7-10 am. Our goals include making evangelistic contacts, providing visibility for the church, and engaging together as a body.
  • Pray for a family dealing with a number of challenges to be faithful in coming under the sound of the Word and that the church would be faithful in its ministry to them.
  • We are thankful for the house the Lord has provided us and safety as we went to SC for ordination.



Eastside Community Bible Church April 2014 Update

Here is this month’s update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission–

Answers to Prayer

Looking through my prayer list this morning afforded a great opportunity to rejoice in multiple answers to prayer. The past two months were filled with constant activity and adjustment as the church transitioned to the new space and our family realigned to life with three children. A brief pause and glance back highlighted God’s grace and goodness.

  • God supplied a space for ECBC to use 24/7
  • God sent gifted people to ECBC to complete the finish work
  • God enabled us to finish 2,500 sq. ft. for less than $7,000
  • God granted a spirit of unity as we worked through decisions
  • God gave us favor with county officials
  • God continues to sustain Lauren’s normal, healthy development (including 5+ hours of sleep every night – which sustains mommy and daddy’s sanity!)


Getting close!

Getting close!


Finished with folding chairs

First Sunday

First Sunday

With the new chairs

With the new chairs

Warmer weather = Opportunities

Living in SC for 15 years (and 34 for Katie), you get used to a brief winter and spring and summer running together – for a long time! This winter the frigid fronts of the North reminded us of the joy of spring. And we are rejoicing in the 60-70 degree days! The warmer weather also opens the door for getting out and making new contacts. Parks are crowded and trails busy. We have 5,000 door hangers on their way, new business/invitation cards, t-shirts, car magnets, and lots of opportunities to talk to people! Pray that God will continue leading us to people hungry for the truth and longing for the satisfaction that comes in Christ alone. Pray that we will be bold in the power of the gospel and compassionate for those heading to eternity apart from Christ. We are particularly burdened for the neighbors on either side of us and our landlord. God continues to open doors of opportunity to speak for Him. Pray that He will open their hearts to what Christ has done for them.

2014 dh front resized2014 dh back resized

Refining our message

Outreach happens through the week as each member of ECBC takes the gospel of Jesus Christ into the everyday responsibilities of life. The church exists to edify believers and worship the God Who saved us through Jesus Christ. As a church plant, keeping the balance of wanting folks to come to church and maintaining what the church is for can be challenging. Our desire is to see many come into the church because they have accepted Christ as their Savior and desire to obediently follow Him and participate in the building of His body. At the same time, we recognize that there are many people who believe in Christ, but have not found a church that consistently nourishes believers through the committed proclamation of God’s Word. This year, our publicity material describes what we do at church: “Delivering God’s Truth to God’s People by Unfolding God’s Word.” We pray that God will use this to strike a cord in the hearts of those looking for a place that seeks to be the “pillar and buttress of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15). At the same time, we are striving by God’s grace to carry out our 2014 theme – “Inviting People to Christ.” Pray that we will continue to be effective on both fronts.

Invitation Card


Everyone seems to be doing very well as Spring arrives. Emmaline and Gracyn enjoy playing outside hours on end. Lauren really likes daddy’s attention as evidenced by the huge grins. Katie continues to do an exceptional job managing the wife/mom/teacher/pastor’s wife roles. We are thankful to have been spared any major illness this winter.

three girls

As always, your prayers are much coveted. Along with continued outreach, we need to be faithful in shepherding the flock that God has assembled so far. Daily wisdom, diligence, compassion, and endurance are necessary to fulfill the calling given by the Great Shepherd of our souls.

Thank you for partnering with us for the sake of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Remembering Pastor William E. Ashbrook

Today marks the birthday of one of the founders of the Ohio Bible Fellowship, William E. Ashbrook. The following article was published in the OBF Visitor shortly after his death, to which I have added some pictures. Also, see this article for additional information on Ashbrook’s ministry. It is important to know, appreciate, and learn from those who have gone before us!

A PDF of this article is available here.

Farewell, Good Brother!
Remembering Pastor William E. Ashbrook
March 19th, 1896—April 5th, 1977

On Tuesday morning, April 5th, 1977, one of the charter members of our Ohio Bible Fellowship was prompted to glory. Our brother, William E. Ashbrook, dressed for breakfast, ate a light meal and retired to his easy chair to take advantage of the oxygen which had been provided to aid his breathing. A few minutes later he was gone. Only a body was left—peacefully seated in the chair.


William Ashbrook was born in Washington, Pennsylvania, March 19th, 1896. His father was a local hardware merchant. During his teenage years the family moved to a farm several miles out of town. That farm always stuck to him. He maintained a lifelong interest in dairy cattle, horses and gardening.

WEA collegeGertrude Ashbrook collegeMr. Ashbrook was reared in the pre-merger United Presbyterian Church. This was the old Scotch branch of the church which sang Psalms and said, “Sabbath” instead of Sunday. He graduated from one of the denominational schools, Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, having majored in Greek. His extra-curricular interests were debate and tennis. He graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Shortly thereafter he married a college classmate, Gertrude Shane, of McDonald, Pennsylvania.

A short time before his marriage Mr. Ashbrook’s only brother, John, died at the age of 18 of typhoid fever. He was to have been best man at his brother’s wedding. William Ashbrook always felt that his younger brother was the most spiritual one of the two and often remarked to members of his family that he was fulfilling the ministry his brother might have had.


WEA hunter

Although Mr. Ashbrook was born again prior to his seminary experience, the teaching at Pittsburgh Seminary did little to satisfy his heart. Theological orthodoxy was not combined with much evangelical zeal. In somewhat of a quandary about his future ministry he and his bride honeymooned in England and Scotland while he took further work at Cambridge University and New College, Edinburgh. This education broadened his mind, but did little for his heart. However, a landlady in London suggested to the Ashbrooks that they should hear the English Methodist Pastor, Dinsdale T. Young. They accepted the advice, and Young’s ministry warmed their hearts and confirmed Mr. Ashbrook’s call to the ministry.


United Presbyterian Cover1Mr. Ashbrook’s first pastorate was at the Liberty United Presbyterian Church, Hubbard, Ohio. The old frame church in a country cemetery was refurbished, a basement added, a parsonage built and the Gospel given. The church was in an area surrounded by the homes of Youngstown’s steel millionaires. Mr. Ashbrook determined to reach the rich with the Gospel, as well as the average people in the community. He gave a witness for Christ in their drawing rooms and made many friends among the well-known men of that area.

He came to Columbus in 1928 to take the pastorate of the Neil Avenue United Presbyterian Church, just off the Ohio State University campus. Several years later he took the pastorate of the Glen Echo United Presbyterian Church in the north end of Columbus. During this ministry the United Presbyterian Church joined the Federal Council of Churches [now called the National Council of Churches] and our brother began to protest vehemently the liberalism and near communism of this body. There was an additional aggravation in the trend of the United Presbyterian Missions. The Gospel had gone out of them, leaving them educational institutions instead of soul-winning labors. He began to introduce his people to independent missions. In the United Presbyterian Church this was considered disloyalty.


As a result of these convictions, Mr. Ashbrook addressed a letter to the Presbytery of Xenia, April 16th, 1940, tendering his resignation as Pastor of the Glen Echo United Presbyterian Church and severing his relationship to the denomination.

Approximately 115 members of the 200 member Glen Echo Church desired to follow in founding an independent church. On May 1, 1940, the Calvary Bible Church of Columbus CBC constructionwas founded, with its first services held in the basement of the Medary Avenue School. The passage which was his great support through this period was II Corinthians 6:17–18: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: and I will receive you, and will be a father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” He viewed the growth and blessing which the church enjoyed as being the direct result of God’s fatherly provision for those who would separate from apostasy. Calvary Bible Church was the great ministry of our brother’s life. He served as Pastor of the Congregation from its inception until after his first stroke in 1971—more than 30 years.

After Pastor Ashbrook’s break with the United Presbyterian Church he found his fellowship in the Independent Fundamental Churches of America. He served a number of terms on the Executive Committee and valued the fellowship of other men who had paid the price of withdrawing from apostasy. However, he was one of the first to observe the trend of the times when new men, without separatist convictions, began to rise to places of authority in the group. In the years immediate prior to the beginning of the Ohio Bible Fellowship, when a number of the younger in Ohio were fighting the battle to recall the IFCA to its former convictions, he refused to attend the annual conventions, maintaining that the battle was already lost. He insisted that separation was the only course. Time demonstrated the truth of his conviction.


Mr. Ashbrook was one of the founders of the Ohio Bible Mission and served on its Board until the time of his home going. He was also instrumental in the purchase of Peniel Bible Camp. He opposed the purchase of a number of camp properties; but, when the present property became available, he was convinced it was the will of the Lord and worked fervently for its purchase. Had it not been for his prayers, negotiations, and confident leadership, it is doubtful that the Ohio Bible Mission would own this property today.


New Neutralism CoverHaving watched his former denomination move into apostasy, Mr. Ashbrook hated modernism, ecumenism, and new evangelicalism with a passion. He was noted for his letters to the editor of the Columbus papers exposing the liberalism and near communism of the Ohio Council of Churches. One of the great works of his life was his booklet of information on new evangelicalism, Evangelicalism: The New Neutralism. It was first published as a small tract in 1958. Eight different editions were printed, usually with more information added. After his first stroke in 1971, he asked the Lord to let him complete a final edition of his book before taking him home. Despite trouble with his eyes, he laboriously typed and edited this edition with the help of Mrs. Ashbrook and his son, John. This was completed in 1975—the original eight pages having grown to 129.


Mr. Ashbrook was always known for his stand. However, his enemies usually ignored the fact that he was a great expository Bible preacher. His messages were straight from the text, but with clear points to nail the Bible truth to hearts. He always preached with his Bible in his hand. He was a great illustrator.

His was not a ministry which brought people down the aisles. He gave invitations, but they were completely void of emotional pressure. Most of his converts were won to the Lord in their homes as he took them through the Scriptures with his Bible. He was an insatiable caller. Any evening he did not have a meeting he was busy calling.


WEA 50th wedding anniversary

His ministry was always marked with the bearing of a Christian gentleman. Whether he preached, gave the announcements, or merely pronounced the benediction, his participation always lent dignity to the occasion. His dignity led many people to call him “Doctor” Ashbrook, but he had no such degree. He disdained the prospect of several D.D.’s [honorary doctor of divinity] always using the occasion to remark that “a D.D. is like the curl in the pig’s tail; a little bit prettier, but no more pig.”


Mr. Ashbrook delighted in the friendship of the younger men in the Ohio Bible Fellowship and was always ready to give encouragement, advice and financial help. He maintained his interest in every part of the Lord’s work to the end. One of the projects of his last year was the completion of two tennis courts at Peniel Bible Camp. At the time of his death he and Mrs. Ashbrook were involved in donating to Northside Christian School the property for a new building at Westerville.

The Ohio Bible Fellowship has lost a beloved Pastor. The Ohio Bible Mission has lost a discerning Board member. Peniel Bible Camp has lost a booster. Fundamentalism has lost a great warrior. He towered above us, but he stood shoulder to shoulder with us. Farewell, good brother! May the fond memory of your gray head give us courage to stand! We look forward to renewing our fellowship on that other shore!

Eastside Community Bible Church March 2014 Update

ecbc-logo-11The advent of (slightly) warmer weather signals the opening of increased opportunities to be out and about interacting in the community. Eastside Community Bible Church is looking forward to using the space God provided as a base of operations for reaching the east side of Cincinnati with the truth of God’s Word. The following summarize some things what we have been able to do and some things that lie ahead.


The inspector passed us on our final inspection yesterday. We will acquire our occupancy permit in the next day or two. By the end of this week, the walls should be painted and the space ready for the finish flooring next week. A week from this coming Sunday we plan to hold our first service in the new space. There will still be a decent amount of finishing touches and some refurbishing that needs done, but the building will be fit to occupy. We are thankful for the sacrificial labor of those in the church to accomplish everything from prepping the floors to wiring to finishing drywall! (Click here for pictures.)


As we work on the space, the Lord continues to open doors of opportunity. One of our ladies began a Bible study with a couple ladies from the community this Saturday. The Lord gave much grace and they plan to meet again. The inspector already knew about our church because he is looking for a place that deals in truth, not the hottest fads of “Christian” bands. So far, we’ve talked probably 15 minutes about the building and an hour and a half about theology! That’s how I like inspections to go! In the Ephesians series, we are getting to the challenging section on Spirit-filled relationships. God continues to use His Word to encourage and edify at just the right time.

Some things to pray about

  • Pray that we will succeed in getting into the building by March 30
  • Pray that we will be able to use Easter weekend as an opportunity for inviting folks in the community
  • Pray for grace to handle the multiple fronts of normal pastoral ministry, overseeing the building, and the continued adjustments with a new baby
  • Pray that God will work in J.C.’s (the inspector) heart regarding direction for a church


Lauren is doing well adjusting to life. So far, her sisters have not smothered her with affection, although it has been close at times! Katie also is doing well and able to get an increasing amount of rest. We are thankful for the Lord’s watch care over Katie and Lauren during these days of transition.

News from OBF Churches, March 12, 2014

Here is this week’s roundup of news from some Ohio Bible Fellowship churches for prayer and encouragement—

Eastside Community Bible Church, Cincinnati, Pastor Nathaniel Pringle

  • We had 28 folks, all regulars, on Sunday. I think this is the first time that we’ve had the majority of our regular attenders at the same time!
  • We passed our rough inspection and only need to hang and finish the drywall to get final approval and our occupancy permit.
  • Please pray for one of the ladies in our church. Thursday will be the one year mark of her husband’s death.
  • The Lord is granting a good spirit among the people as we work through decisions and prepare to move into the space. Pray for continued unity and enthusiasm as we transition.

Morrow Bible Church, Pastors Marvin Gassman and Stephen Howard

Peniel Bible Camp

  • Praise:  Sale of a piece of unneeded electrical equipment for over $3,000.  This will be used towards the Program Director’s House.
  • Prayer:  We’re hosting a work team from Beth Haven Baptist Church (Simpsonville, SC) this week. If you’d like to join them in hanging dry wall, completing the basement of the VanderSchel’s new home, or working on a ceiling project in the lake front cabins, please let us know. We’d be happy to house you and feed you during your stay. To get more information, please contact

Westerville Bible Church, Pastors Paul Hamilton and Mark Perry

  • WBC is attempting to launch a new ministry geared to parents and students.   We will be offering a free tutoring service with intent to give a clear witness to the parents as their children are receiving academic assistance.   Presently we are passing out information cards to local businesses and hope to get permission to post these cards in local schools.
  • Graydon Cox has a Bible study with a neighbor family, including a recording for a daughter in Zanesville, met on Sunday, March 2. He also had a Bible class at the Country View Nursing and Rehab Center, near Sunbury, on March 4.
  • Roger Vogel holds a Bible study at a condo in Columbus on Tuesdays.

Sermons from March 9, 2014

Eastside Community Bible Church Update, February 26, 2014

pastor and familyOhio Bible Fellowship member Pastor Nathaniel Pringle is working with his family through the Ohio Bible Mission to establish a new church in the Cincinnati area–Eastside Community Bible Church.

God gathered a group of believers here in Milford who have a mind to work! Last week, the floors of our new meeting location were nearly all prepped (scraping tile and grinding glue residue) for carpeting and painting. We’ve started on the four walls and one of them is complete. This week, most of the walls should be framed and some of the wiring complete. I’ve been able to locate some doors on Craigslist, which, if they open the correct direction, could save us several hundred dollars.

Sunday, we enjoyed an encouraging day with Bryan Bell and his family. Bryan serves as the executive director for Grace Dental and Medical Mission. He delivered a well-timed message from Philippians 1:27-30. If you have some time, it would be well worth listening to the challenge to “Live worthy of the gospel.”

As spring approaches, we will gear up for a publicity push for Easter Sunday this year. Lots of details to get in place and material to produce in preparation. Please pray that we will be able to prepare effectively even while we work on getting our space ready.

Eastside Community Bible Church Update, February 12, 2014

A quick editorial note–I asked Pastor Nathaniel Pringle to provide us with a weekly update so we will pray for him, his family, and the work they are doing in Cincinnati. 

Jake Swanson brought the Word in our morning worship from Romans 1:16-17. He challenged us to be “Unashamed of the Gospel.” The message went well with our 2014 theme, Inviting People to Christ.

We enjoyed a time of learning about angels during the afternoon study. Looking at the Scriptural data, we concluded that God uses the reality of angels to teach us of His majesty, employ them in providential and unseen ministry, and encourage us to trust and obey the Bible.

In between services, the children had a good time with Pastor Pringle coming up with a list of animals mentioned in Scripture (like bears that eat bad boys . . . and doves).

This week we sign a three-year lease for a store front space. The space sits on the intersection of one of the primary entry points to the township, as identified by the township master plan. We are grateful for the work the owner did in procuring zoning approval and our permit to finish out the space. He is a fellow believer and has gone above and beyond in his work on this.

Please pray that Baby #3 comes quickly! She was due Friday, but seems content to remain upside down and inside. Too cold . . . ? 🙂