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News from OBF Churches, September 30, 2014

Here is a roundup of news from some Ohio Bible Fellowship churches for prayer and encouragement—

Bible Community Church, Mentor, OH

  • Pray for us as we seek to calm down some programs and just try to sit at Jesus’ feet together and listen.  Things are busy, but we need to soak where soaking is needed.
  • Pray for interim pastor Mike Goldfuss to have wisdom as to what to preach.
  • Pray for the pulpit committee to have wisdom in choosing the next pastor of BCC.
  • Pray for us to have a desire to learn Christ better and deeper.
  • In our SS hour, we are doing a study on the “50 fruits of pride.” We have seen 12 in 4 weeks.  From comments that I’ve heard, we are touching things where we need to recognize our pride, confess it, look to Christ for His strength, and practice humility.  Someone asked if they get an A if they find all 50 in their life.  🙂

Greencastle Bible Church, Pastors Charles Flesher, Paul Martin, and Joel McAllister

  • October 19 will be “Protect and Serve” Sunday
  • During the evening service of October 26 we will have a special service welcoming Joel McAllister and his family

Westerville Bible Church, Pastors Paul Hamilton and Mark Perry

  • Continuing praying for outreach efforts, including the mentoring ministry on Thursdays
  • We concluded our annual missions conference last week, with the Mike Goldfuss and Joe Nicholson families. Sermons are available here.

Ohio Bible FellowshipFall Conference at Calvary Baptist in Willard and Bucyrus Bible Church

  • Pray for those ministering and those hearing God’s Word
  • Pray for safety traveling
  • Pray this would be an instructive, challenging, and encouraging conference

Peniel Bible Camp

September 2014 OBF Missionaries Update

Here are a few items for prayer from missionaries who are members of the Ohio Bible Fellowship–

Tom Zartman (Mexico)

1. Pray for the lovely problem of space for people and parking on Sundays.
2. Pray that trials in the lives of believers will accomplish the Lord’s purposes.

Mike GoldfussThe Goldfusses (Mexico)

1. Pray for the church in Mexico as we will be here longer than the 2 1/2 months that we had planned.  The Crockers are filling in for us while we are here.
2. We are here in the USA on an interim basis as Mike is filling in until Bible Community Church can call a pastor. Please pray for this special ministry.

Chris Seawright1.jpg (Cambodia)

1. I helped start a prayer time in August with one of the churches we are assisting.  Please pray for this very important time of Christian fellowship and encouragement and that more people will make church prayer a priority in their lives.
2. Over the months of September-December, I will be teaching a 15-week session on Saturday nights covering Genesis 4-50.  We completed our first 15-week session covering Genesis 1-3 in August. Please pray for the Lord to cement these foundational truths and stories in the students minds and hearts.

May 2014 OBF Missionaries Update

Here are a few items for prayer from missionaries who are members of the Ohio Bible Fellowship–

  • Pray for a church discipline situation that hasn’t been going very well.
  • Pray for Goldfuss family as they are taking an almost 3-month trip to the States this summer to visit some churches and take our oldest son, Mikey, to BJ.
  • Pray for three individuals I am discipling on a week-to-week basis: Yute, Khame, Run
  • Pray for the beginning of a Saturday night 15-week class covering Genesis 1-3 that we are starting with a church here in Battambang town on May 10

Tom Zartman

  • Pray for the salvation of a young couple.
  • Pray for the Lord’s working in the spiritual, financial, and physical needs of a family.

April 2014 OBF Missionaries Update

Here are a few items for prayer from missionaries who are members of the Ohio Bible Fellowship–

Tom Zartman: Pray for new opportunities and contacts in the next months.  Pray for the salvation of a family.

Mike Goldfuss: Upcoming ladies’ brunch–April 12th.  The ladies are busy inviting friends, family, and coworkers. 

Chris Seawright: New work with an existing church in Battambang town that has recently ask me to function as temporary pastor.  Pray for wisdom and great patience with this.

News from OBF Missionaries, March 4, 2014

Here are a few items for prayer from missionaries who are members of the Ohio Bible Fellowship–

Don & Pat Garwood, Uruguay

  • Pray for the spread of the gospel and for the Lord’s work in believers’ lives

Mike & Faith Goldfuss, Mexico

  • Pray for several ladies in the church who face a number of challenging issues.
  • Pray for the men’s spiritual maturity
  • Their son Mikey is applying for scholarships to college; pray for the Lord’s provision

Chris & Heidi Seawright, Cambodia

  • Please pray that the Lord will greatly use the Word of God as it is explained through a new Gospel tract entitled, The Ancient Path.
  • Please pray for open doors to spread God’s Word through selling Christian books near one of the Universities in Battambang town.

Tom & Jean Zartman, Mexico

  • Pray for the healing and the Lord’s direction for one of the men in the church.
  • Pray for the salvation of an interested woman and her uninterested husband.