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Valuing Personal Discipleship

Tens of thousands of pieces of literature. Hundreds of business cards. Thousands of hits on the church website. Result – About three households that attend regularly. Sometimes it makes you wonder. How effective is mass media coverage? Considering the number of mailers I receive (and throw away) the answer seems to be minimal.

And that makes sense in this over-churched area. People see the word “church” and nearly every conceivable image goes through their mind except what a biblically defined church is. They think “traditionalism,” “boring,” “overbearing,” “grandma,” “guilt-trip-to-give-money,” “scandal,” etc. and so on. The last thing most people want to do is walk into a building as a perfect stranger wondering what kind of gimmicks await to hold them captive.

People long for answers – answers to complicated issues in a complicated world spinning in the chaos of sin. One word best describes their plight: broken. Broken relationships, broken families, broken finances, broken hearts, broken bodies, broken minds. And they don’t see walking into another building that claims help people as a viable option anymore. They tried it already.

Church planting today involves so much more than hanging a shingle and inviting people to a service or three. Effective church planting follows the NT model of discipleship, life on life, hour upon hour, building relationships with people 24/7. It’s getting involved with a couple on the brink of divorce. Maintaining a weekly Bible study for months with one person. Staying in contanct day in and day out. Helping people create a semblance of structure in absolutely chaotic lives. Constantly using the phrase, “The Bible says . .  .” to address sinful thinking patterns and demonstrate what Christlikeness is all about. Bringing discouraged people back to the richness of redemption in Christ and peace of justification.

And then it’s seeing people come. One by one. Maybe once a month. Maybe every service. But they come – not because of the fancy mailer or snazzy ad, but because someone loved them. Someone actually cared enough to listen. Someone asked about how they were. And kept asking. And didn’t abandon them when they weren’t fine.

By God’s grace, they will do the same thing. And one more person will come for the same reasons.

Church planting is about uncovering the nastiness of guilt and brokenness in people’s lives through loving involvement and telling them that you can point them to the answer – Jesus Christ.

And they will come.

Eastside Community Bible Church March 2015 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission, working to establish Eastside Community Bible Church in the Cincinnati area–

  • We’ve had several inquiries and visits the past couple weeks. That always is encouraging!
  • The Lord is opening opportunities for significant discipleship with several people.
  • We are preparing a direct mailing in the next week or so. Please pray for the details to come together smoothly.
  • Our series in Matthew has given ample opportunities for clear gospel presentations and some lost people have been hearing these.
  • The warmer weather provides more time to get out in the community with people as well as distribute information about the church. Pray for faithfulness in all these opportunities.
  • The Lord answered a huge prayer request and provided our family with a minivan. We are very thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate to our girls that God does indeed answer prayer—including their prayers!
  • We need strength and wisdom as we prepare for a three day Bible Club (June 24-26) and the outreach at the fair (end of July) this summer
  • Very thankful for the weekly opportunity to disciple Quintin, the Realtor who sold us our house. It is amazing to see God open his eyes each week to the truth. Pray that he will choose to lead his family to our church so they all can be fed each week!
  • Please pray for Thomas, a UC student the Father seems to be drawing to Himself. I have had numerous opportunities to give him straightforward gospel presentations.
  • The next few weeks will be very busy as Katie is coordinating the wedding for Brittni Gordon (and Brett Stowe). Brittni is Phil and Lori’s oldest daughter. Pray for grace and strength and a Christ-honoring ceremony.

Thank you for your prayers and support! God continues to work in our lives as we seek to faithfully discharge the responsibilities He entrusts to us. We look forward to enjoying fellowship with many of you in April!

Winter OBF Conference, January 9-10, 2015

You and your church are invited to the 2015 Winter Ohio Bible Fellowship Conference hosted by Eastside Community Bible Church on January 9–10, 2015. The theme for the conference is “Biblical Unity: Divine Desire and Design.” 


Pastor_VincentOur speaker will be Dr. Robert Vincent, Pastor of Education and Outreach at Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville, SC. Dr. Vincent holds a PhD in Church History from Bob Jones University and has been serving at Mount Calvary Baptist Church since 1999. His primary areas of present ministry include overseeing local evangelism ministries, Sunday school ministries and producing curricula for adult classes, a ministerial internship program, and a church bookstore. He and his wife, Jeanne, are blessed with six children.

Mrs. Trisha Greenfield (Orwell Bible Church) will speak to the ladies on Friday at 2:30 p.m.


Friday, January 9
Welcome and Prayer………………………………. 1:30 p.m.
Fellowship Break……………………………………. 2:00 p.m.
Business Meeting…………………………………… 2:30 p.m.
Ladies Session w/Trish Greenfield……………… 2:30 p.m.
General Session 1…………………………………… 3:45 p.m.
Dinner at Local Restaurants………………………. 5:00 p.m.
General Session 2…………………………………… 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, January 10
Prayer Fellowship……………………………………. 8:30 a.m.
General Session 3…………………………………….. 9:00 a.m.
Fellowship Break……………………………………. 10:00 a.m.
General Session 4…………………………………… 10:30 a.m.
Question and Answer Session…………………… 11:30 a.m.
Dismissal/Box Lunch……………………………….. 12:30 p.m. 


Download and print the conference flyer here to promote the conference at your church.


Special arrangements have been made with several area hotels. Mention the OBF conference for a discount if reserved in advance. There is a link to a map of the church and hotels listed below.

Location Name/Link Rate Contact Notes
Exit 59 Homewood Suites $105 / night (Normally $139) – Best value and deepest discount
Reserve by 1/2/2015
Mention OBF for discount
513-248-4663 – Most convenient (5 min. from the church)
– Nicest facilities (Suite rooms), completely renovated in the last year- Wi-fi, pool, Breakfast included
– This is where ECBC met until they moved to their new facility. They continue to have an excellent relationship with the staff here.
– Provides ease of access to and from the church
– You will not have to deal with much traffic and all the restaurants are a stone’s throw away.
Exit 57 Holiday Inn Express $94.36 (two beds)  $86.36 (single King bed)
Reserve by 1/2/2015
Mention OBF for discount
513-831-7829 – Exit is two miles north of the church exit (10 min. from the church)
– Recently updated
– Wi-fi, pool, breakfast included
– Fairly easy access, walk to Bob Evans, Roosters. Mexican place across the street, Chipolte, IHOP, close by. Looks like a nice place.
Exit 65 Best Western Clermont Rate: $76.46 / night
Reserve by 1/5/2015
Mention OBF for discount
513-528-7702 – Exit is 8 miles south of church exit (plan for 15 min. to the church)
– Updating, seems fairly nice
– Wi-fi, breakfast included
– Looks to be a decent hotel. Rooms open to the outside. You will have to drive through a construction zone on 275 to get back and forth to the church. Usually traffic is fine, but can get backed up. Lots of restaurants close by.
Exit 63 A number of hotels Possibly some good rates – Very heavy construction
– Exit is normally backed up

I hope you will make your plans now to attend. Each of us needs to take time for fellowship with others in ministry and be under the ministry of the Word ourselves.  I’m also looking forward to seeing what God has provided for Eastside Community Bible Church. I know you’ll benefit and be blessed by coming.

Stephen Howard
Publicity Chairman
Ohio Bible Fellowship

Eastside Community Bible Church December 2014 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission, working to establish Eastside Community Bible Church in the Cincinnati area–

  • Praise the Lord for a good Christmas program. We had four guests and it was a good opportunity for our church to work together.
  • Pray that the flyers that went out will pique peoples’ interest in the church.
  • Thankful for some Bible study and counseling opportunities. People are finding us via the website.
  • Pray for the continued spiritual growth of our people and increased understanding of the Word of God.
  • All three girls and Katie were sick in succession over the course of the last two weeks. Thankful for their recovery.
  • Praise the Lord for a young man that has begun attending. He recently has come back to following the Lord.
  • Pray for another young man from UC who comes regularly but is unsaved.
  • Pray for continued boldness to proclaim Christ to those with whom we interact.

Thank you for praying. God continues to do great things here for His glory.

Eastside Community Bible Church November 2014 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission, working to establish Eastside Community Bible Church in the Cincinnati area–

  • We are thankful for a handful of contacts made through the coffee outreach on Mondays. We are getting some regulars.
  • The Lord has given us the opportunity to minister each week to a young man who is unsaved. Pray that he will find healing in Christ.
  • Pray for our Monday evening Bible Study. We are meeting with a couple men who know the Lord, but have a growing appetite for Scripture (they attend a Christian church in the area).
  • Pray for our Christmas program/outreach on December 14.
  • We are thankful for good health heading into the holiday season. We will be hosting several people, including family, for Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We still stand amazed at the privilege to preach the Word and serve the Lord here in Cincinnati!

Prayer Items from the Fall OBF Conference

The fall conference of the Ohio Bible Fellowship met October 10-11 at Calvary Baptist Church in Willard and Bucyrus Bible Church. Four members gave excellent expositions from Scripture, revolving around the theme of personal holiness.

During these quarterly conferences two sessions devoted to prayer. Praises and prayer requests are given. Here are some items for prayer so that you can continue to pray for the Lord’s work here in Ohio—

Greencastle Bible Church praises the Lord for a new associate pastor, Joel McAllister. He will be moving the rest of his family’s belongings from Greenville, SC this week. Pray for safety. The McAllister’s praise the Lord that they were able to buy a home. Pray for them as they enter this ministry.

Pastor Marvin Gassman (Morrow Bible Church) praises the Lord that his wife Bev did not need back surgery. Prayer is requested for this coming Sunday’s vote to call current assistant pastor Steven Howard to the senior pastor position.

Orwell Bible Church is working to have their land annexed into the Orwell village. Pray also for several unsaved individuals who are regularly coming to services and being ministered to.

Long time OBF member Graydon Cox has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Pray for he and his wife Dorothy to rest in God’s sustaining grace. The Cox’s were involved in many church plants in Ohio, teaching at the Bible Institute of Ohio, and editing and writing in the Ohio Bible Fellowship Visitor.

Peniel Bible Camp is working to finish the program director’s house. Special needs are skilled laborers for finishing drywall and constructing the fireplace and chimney. $13,000 more is needed to complete the house. You can read specifics and see pictures here.

Pray for Bible Community Church of Mentor as missionary and OBF member Mike Goldfuss serves as interim pastor. Pray for wisdom and unity among the church during this time, and the Lord to provide a new pastor.

Nathaniel Pringle, pastor of Eastside Community Bible Church, praised the Lord for the start up of a new effort to make contacts in their area through Monday coffee breaks. This will run through the month of October.

New OBF member Andy Rupert (from Orwell Bible Church) is conducting a Sunday evening Bible study in his home for area children.

Pastor John Howard of Middlefield Bible Church praised the Lord for contacts as a result of their evangelistic efforts. Pray for the rapid spread of the Word and for spiritual growth among believers.

Eastside Community Bible Church September 2014 Update

Here is a quick update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission–

  • Pray for the final planning and logistics for our coffee outreach beginning in October. We will be offering free coffee on Mondays from 7-10 am. Our goals include making evangelistic contacts, providing visibility for the church, and engaging together as a body.
  • Pray for a family dealing with a number of challenges to be faithful in coming under the sound of the Word and that the church would be faithful in its ministry to them.
  • We are thankful for the house the Lord has provided us and safety as we went to SC for ordination.



Eastside Community Bible Church April 2014 Update

Here is this month’s update from Nathaniel Pringle, OBF member and church planter through the Ohio Bible Mission–

Answers to Prayer

Looking through my prayer list this morning afforded a great opportunity to rejoice in multiple answers to prayer. The past two months were filled with constant activity and adjustment as the church transitioned to the new space and our family realigned to life with three children. A brief pause and glance back highlighted God’s grace and goodness.

  • God supplied a space for ECBC to use 24/7
  • God sent gifted people to ECBC to complete the finish work
  • God enabled us to finish 2,500 sq. ft. for less than $7,000
  • God granted a spirit of unity as we worked through decisions
  • God gave us favor with county officials
  • God continues to sustain Lauren’s normal, healthy development (including 5+ hours of sleep every night – which sustains mommy and daddy’s sanity!)


Getting close!

Getting close!


Finished with folding chairs

First Sunday

First Sunday

With the new chairs

With the new chairs

Warmer weather = Opportunities

Living in SC for 15 years (and 34 for Katie), you get used to a brief winter and spring and summer running together – for a long time! This winter the frigid fronts of the North reminded us of the joy of spring. And we are rejoicing in the 60-70 degree days! The warmer weather also opens the door for getting out and making new contacts. Parks are crowded and trails busy. We have 5,000 door hangers on their way, new business/invitation cards, t-shirts, car magnets, and lots of opportunities to talk to people! Pray that God will continue leading us to people hungry for the truth and longing for the satisfaction that comes in Christ alone. Pray that we will be bold in the power of the gospel and compassionate for those heading to eternity apart from Christ. We are particularly burdened for the neighbors on either side of us and our landlord. God continues to open doors of opportunity to speak for Him. Pray that He will open their hearts to what Christ has done for them.

2014 dh front resized2014 dh back resized

Refining our message

Outreach happens through the week as each member of ECBC takes the gospel of Jesus Christ into the everyday responsibilities of life. The church exists to edify believers and worship the God Who saved us through Jesus Christ. As a church plant, keeping the balance of wanting folks to come to church and maintaining what the church is for can be challenging. Our desire is to see many come into the church because they have accepted Christ as their Savior and desire to obediently follow Him and participate in the building of His body. At the same time, we recognize that there are many people who believe in Christ, but have not found a church that consistently nourishes believers through the committed proclamation of God’s Word. This year, our publicity material describes what we do at church: “Delivering God’s Truth to God’s People by Unfolding God’s Word.” We pray that God will use this to strike a cord in the hearts of those looking for a place that seeks to be the “pillar and buttress of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15). At the same time, we are striving by God’s grace to carry out our 2014 theme – “Inviting People to Christ.” Pray that we will continue to be effective on both fronts.

Invitation Card


Everyone seems to be doing very well as Spring arrives. Emmaline and Gracyn enjoy playing outside hours on end. Lauren really likes daddy’s attention as evidenced by the huge grins. Katie continues to do an exceptional job managing the wife/mom/teacher/pastor’s wife roles. We are thankful to have been spared any major illness this winter.

three girls

As always, your prayers are much coveted. Along with continued outreach, we need to be faithful in shepherding the flock that God has assembled so far. Daily wisdom, diligence, compassion, and endurance are necessary to fulfill the calling given by the Great Shepherd of our souls.

Thank you for partnering with us for the sake of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

News from OBF Churches, March 26, 2014

Here is this week’s roundup of news from some Ohio Bible Fellowship churches for prayer and encouragement—

Bucyrus Bible Church, Pastor David Layton

  • Pray for the spread of the Word in our area
  • Pray that believers would be faithful to the Lord and committed to the church
  • David works at a local school; pray for a good testimony and open doors for ministry

Eastside Community Bible Church, Pastor Nathaniel Pringle

This week, we are finishing the new space and plan to meet there on Sunday. Please pray for the following as we make these final preparations:

  • Smooth coverage of the last minute details
  • Chairs to arrive on time
  • Continued grace for serving among our members
  • Continued ability to do things none of us have done before!
  • An encouraging and blessed initial service in our new church

Middlefield Bible Church, Pastor John Howard

  • Pray for Pastor Howard as he goes on visitation on Thursday evenings.
  • The Middlefield area has the fourth largest Amish community in the world. Pray that they would repent of relying on their self-righteousness and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Morrow Bible Church, Pastors Marvin Gassman and Stephen Howard

  • We held evangelistic meetings March 16-19 with Mark Kittrell preaching. Pray for fruit from the Word of God.

Orwell Bible Church, Pastor Dan Greenfield

  • We praise the Lord that Orwell Village has agreed to extend water and sewer services to our property. Pray that the Lord would help us as we work through this process.

Westerville Bible Church, Pastors Paul Hamilton and Mark Perry

  • WBC is attempting to launch a new ministry geared to parents and students.   We will be offering a free tutoring service with intent to give a clear witness to the parents as their children are receiving academic assistance.   Presently we are passing out information cards to local businesses and hope to get permission to post these cards in local schools.
  • Graydon Cox continues to have a Bible study with a neighbor family and at a nursing home.
  • Roger Vogel holds a Bible study at a condo in Columbus on Tuesdays.

The Spring Conference of the Ohio Bible Fellowship is April 11-12—

  • Hosted by Fayette Bible Church, Washington Court House
  • Speaker is Evangelist Mike Manor
  • Conference Theme: “Reaching Our Communities for Christ”
  • Two Ladies’ Sessions with Mrs. Lynn Garren
  • Special session on charismaticism by Pastor Mark Perry
  • 10 rooms are blocked off at the Holiday Inn & Express for $92.99 plus tax (normal rate is $104.99). You must make your reservation by April 1.
  • Housing with church families is available

Eastside Community Bible Church March 2014 Update

ecbc-logo-11The advent of (slightly) warmer weather signals the opening of increased opportunities to be out and about interacting in the community. Eastside Community Bible Church is looking forward to using the space God provided as a base of operations for reaching the east side of Cincinnati with the truth of God’s Word. The following summarize some things what we have been able to do and some things that lie ahead.


The inspector passed us on our final inspection yesterday. We will acquire our occupancy permit in the next day or two. By the end of this week, the walls should be painted and the space ready for the finish flooring next week. A week from this coming Sunday we plan to hold our first service in the new space. There will still be a decent amount of finishing touches and some refurbishing that needs done, but the building will be fit to occupy. We are thankful for the sacrificial labor of those in the church to accomplish everything from prepping the floors to wiring to finishing drywall! (Click here for pictures.)


As we work on the space, the Lord continues to open doors of opportunity. One of our ladies began a Bible study with a couple ladies from the community this Saturday. The Lord gave much grace and they plan to meet again. The inspector already knew about our church because he is looking for a place that deals in truth, not the hottest fads of “Christian” bands. So far, we’ve talked probably 15 minutes about the building and an hour and a half about theology! That’s how I like inspections to go! In the Ephesians series, we are getting to the challenging section on Spirit-filled relationships. God continues to use His Word to encourage and edify at just the right time.

Some things to pray about

  • Pray that we will succeed in getting into the building by March 30
  • Pray that we will be able to use Easter weekend as an opportunity for inviting folks in the community
  • Pray for grace to handle the multiple fronts of normal pastoral ministry, overseeing the building, and the continued adjustments with a new baby
  • Pray that God will work in J.C.’s (the inspector) heart regarding direction for a church


Lauren is doing well adjusting to life. So far, her sisters have not smothered her with affection, although it has been close at times! Katie also is doing well and able to get an increasing amount of rest. We are thankful for the Lord’s watch care over Katie and Lauren during these days of transition.